“Lucky is doing great”….

I saw an off-leash dog roaming the neighborhood. He looked very frail and appeared to be hungry. After some coaxing, I was able to get him to come with me. I brought him home, gave him some water and food. I noticed a wound on his leg that was bothering him.

As a widow on social security, I knew I could feed him, but I couldn’t afford vet treatment until I got my check in 3 weeks—if it wasn’t too much. I brought him to a vet who told me he had mange and I couldn’t wait 3 weeks. He told
me about RUFF. I called RUFF and they were great. RUFF paid the bill and the dog is healthy, healed and has put on some much needed weight. Lucky is doing great and gets along the other dogs. I am so thankful to your great charity.

Rosemary S., and Lucky